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You have decided or are currently deciding on using digital marketing in order to bring alot more online awareness to your brand. The quickest and most effective way you can do this is by using Google AdWords.  You have done some research on AdWords and understand it is simply creating an ad, picking a few relevant keywords that describe your services or products, go live with your ad and wait for the phone to ring from new customers.  Is it really that easy?
The short answer to this question is no, it is not really that easy.  Sure you can write a compelling ad, pick a few keywords and go live but, how are you bidding on your keywords? How often are your ads appearing when people do search for your services or products?  Are your ads showing for searches you do not want them appearing for? For example, you are offering business legal services, so should your ads be appearing for searches of criminal, family or traffic legal services?

“ Extremely happy with the services provided by Team AdWords. They have done an excellent job with our online Marketing.  Kent Wiebe, Law Firm Partner
By having a qualified Google Partnered company managing your AdWords platform you will not make the mistakes that many businesses have and are currently making. These mistakes are costing businesses more monthly charges for unrelated clicks, a lower ad position and a lower quality score given by Google.
An AdWords Management agency oversees many business AdWords platforms giving them the experience needed to set-up and manage a smooth running campaign. You have your own business to oversee and grow so by having a Google Partnered company manage your online digital marketing campaign will save you the frustrations, headaches, and money so you can focus on whats most important to you, your business.
The world of Pay Per Click advertising is always changing. PPC management agencies do this for a living and are always on top of things. They have the time and the know-how to implement changes that are needed to ensure your platform is always performing to the best of its ability. Digital advertising is not at all like a newspaper ad where you have an ad designed and just let it run in the weekly edition. Digital advertising must be managed and built on consistently in order to achieve your desired results.
The below points are just a handful of necessary requirements that must be managed monthly in order to ensure your Google Ads are performing to the best of their abilities.
Quality Score: This is determined by Google. You are scored on your landing page experience, ad quality and click through rate. You are marked as, above average, average, and below average for each. You are then given an overall score ranking between 1 - 10.  This final score with your maximum keyword bid determines your ad rank on the Google page.
Keyword Bidding: You have choices when implementing keyword bids. You can go to automatic or manual. Automatic bidding is where you set a daily budget and let Google adjust your bids in order to bring you the most clicks within your budget.  Manual bidding gives you the most control where you can set bids on individual keywords so you know you are bidding on the most important clicks for you.
Click Through Rate ( CTR ): Is the number of clicks that your ad receives divided by the number of times your ad is shown ( clicks are divided by impressions ).  This metric tells us if your ads are connecting to the internet searcher. When seeing a low click-through rate this means your ad has a problem, it may be the text of the ad is written incorrectly or it can mean your ad is showing for an unrelated search.
Mobile Ads:  It is imperative that your digital marketing campaign is optimized for mobile searches. With 50% of local searches being made via smartphone your business is missing a large market if not optimized properly.  Mobile optimization includes mobile ads, click to call ads and also mobile keyword bidding.
Geographical Targeting: Where your ads are seen is extremely important to the success of your AdWords Platform.  Settings must be placed telling Google where you want your ads to appear. Do you want your ads appearing locally only or do you want to target an entire country?  In some cases, many businesses are interested in targeting only specific postal/zip codes. Whatever it may be your ads must be set to target your locations and also monitored monthly in order to optimize your weak performing areas.
Ad Extensions: This excellent feature shows extra business information in your ad. A phone number, business address, links to different pages of your website known as site-links and also callout text. The benefits of using ad extensions are that it gives your ad on Google better visibility to the user it also improves click-through rates of your ads.