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Willowbrae Childcare Academy is a child daycare centre which as multiple locations across Canada. We were approched by one of their franchisees in Toronto, Ontario.

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The Challenge
Wilowbrae's Toronto location were not receiving inquires and had a click through rate of under 1% for their keywords. The compnay hired Team AdWords to get thier phone ringing and to bring up their click through rate percent.
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Action Plan
  • Adjust keyword bidding.
  • Create different adgroups.
  • Keyword research.
  • Target local area by postal codes.
  • Create compelling ad text.
  • Split test ads.
  • Mobile optimization.
  • Create a display campaign targeting people who visit similar websites as the Willowbrae site.
  • Remarkeing campaign setup.

The Results

  • Click through rate up over 300% in the 1st week.
  • Quality inquires continue to come into daycare by email and phone for over a year since Team AdWords have taken over the AdWords platform.
  • Able to maintain inquires while staying within the clients monthly budget.

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" Quality inquires come through almost daily and everything is within our budget".
Franchisee of Willowbrae Daycare
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.