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Google Analytics
Google launched Analytics in 2005 and it is the most used web analytics service on the internet.
Having Google Analytics installed in your website and monitored gives you the needed information to see what your website visitors are doing once they land on your site. This feature will also tell you how your website was found, your bounce rate, device used , visitor segmentation and many other metrics that can help improve your online goals by fine tuning each one for desired results.
By understanding how visitors use your website, you can determine your website weaknesses in order to satisfy your users. Why are you losing your visitors on a certain page or why is your bounce rate too high are important factors you need to know and fix in order to obtain the best website results you can for your business.

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A Few Of The Google Analytics Features

Bounce Rate: This tells us the percentage of website visitors who view a page before leaving. For best results you would like to have a low bounce rate as a high bounce rate will tell you that your visitors are not interested in your website page.

Traffic Source : Where are your visitors coming from ?  We will gain insights if your vistors are coming from referral pages, search engines, direct or paid traffic.  This is a very important metric as it tell us what sources are most valuable to you and which ones are a waste of money if you are paying for visitors.
Traffic Growth: Is your website growing with traffic or seeing less traffic each month. This Analytic metric will tell us needed information on the growth or decline of your website traffic.
Visitor Flow:  What routes do your site visitors take once landing on your website.  Is there a certain page you want people to go to ?  This stat will tell us step by step what pages your vistors are looking at and from what page they came from on your website.
Audience Locations: Gain insights on the geographical locations that your visitors are coming from. This metric may help you in deciding whether to market your website in a location not previously thought of before and can also tell you where your best visitors are located.
AdWords Linking: Gain helpful insights from your Google AdWords campaign by linking the two accounts together.
Device Used: Are your website visitors on a desktop computer or a mobile device ?  Find out what device your visitors use when on your website and determine if you may be losing mobile users due to a non friendly mobile website.

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