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Landing Page Experience

Your website landing page is the first page your visitor lands on when they enter your website. The difference between a good landing page experience vs a bad landing page experience can determine the length of stay on your website from the users and also may determine if your website visitors return back to your page.
How Your "Landing Page Experience" Affects Your Quality Score With Google.
As you know your overall quality score is important to your AdWords campaign in determining rank and cost per click. One of those factors that affect your score is your "landing page experience."  Are your keywords on your landing page in line with the searches you are targeting?  Is your landing page easy to navigate for the user? If Google determines that the landing page your ad points to does not fulfill the text in your ad it will give your "landing page experience" and may also give your "ad quality" scores a failing score.
Having an average or above average score with Google for your landing page experience tells you there are no major problems with your page. A score that is rated below average status tells you that there are some changes you may want to make in order to improve your quality score.



  • User Friendly
  • Calls To Action
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Website Speed
  • Easy Site Navigation
  • Clean & Uncluttered

We want you to succeed with our online marketing services. We have the experience behind us that tells us what works and what does not work well.  Before we launch any marketing campaign for you we will tell you if your website may be working for or against you.

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