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Stay in the minds of your website visitors with remarketing.
Google Remarketing
Have you ever noticed that certain websites you had previously visited pop up as you are browsing other websites or on a mobile app? This is called remarketing. Remarketing is done by placing a small code into your website, this tracks people who have previously visited your site and remarkets them your brand. Many companies are not even aware remarketing exists yet alone understand how to use it.
  • Remarketing targets people who know your brand.
  • Remarketing communicates with people to what they understand.
  • Remarketing matches customer + product.

With remarketing you are able to create lists. These lists define the audience you have visting your website. This is crucial when offering more then one product or service. By creating lists you are able to remarket the right product to the right person. For example, if a visitor of your website had looked into ladies dresses you are then able to remarket ladies dresses to that same person while they are on other websites. This is an excellent way for your brand to stay in the persons head while they shop, at the same time also giving the person a level of comfort with your brand.  Also, if a person had made a purchase off your website you can remarket to them for upgrades or more products they will buy in the future. Contact Team AdWords today to start a remarketing campaign for your brand today.


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